martedì 25 febbraio 2014

Life-long questions/ Letter to myself/Interviewing myself

In the book of my life,i am at that chapter addressed to 30-35age when i just settled myself  and i have some stability referring to job,marriage,i have my own style in dressing(and i really believe that : fashion is something that goes away,but style remains; you can successfully combine clasic,offfice with street style for having your own input ,high heels to conquer the world and personal,characteristical perfume for having a future)and moreover a strong personality ...but all these came along the time,after some ups and downs ,improper advice from so-called friends and family,inner struggle and nothing was easily,but it worthed every metaphorical battle in order to become the person i am today!So,the point of all this is that all our life we have questions from ourselves and from the others,but are they so important?They help  to know us better, to choose the right path in life or everything is just fate and faith?Do we make our own arbitrary choice or it is already written somewhere,but no matter what, i strongly believe that we must have faith in our dreams,beliefs  even if they seemed foolish to the surrounding.Since we are a child up to maturity we are ruled by questions-what do you want to become when you will be a grown up,what college want to graduate, where do you want to work and on what salary ,when do you get married,when a child,when the second one?Maybe another question will pop-up:when do you want to die?And i am saying this to reveal the stupidity of life-long questions!Why do you need to answer or not,why we care about it,why there are 2 worlds-our inner one and society?I thanked myself that at some point in my life i was deaf to suggestions and i chose my way of living,comfortable to myself in some agreement to exterior ,not too much because is damaging and not entirely healthy to our soul,i  rejected with common sense do this/do that and i created my own list .And i am happy.The idea is that stop worring and live as you wish!

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