giovedì 27 febbraio 2014

Married,but the same!

I do not know how are the others,but i am somehow newly married,one year exactly,after 3 years of relationship and i am on the exact situation of Carrie Bradshaw social and professional status.And moreover of the feelings.I watched the series and the movies, i loved her and the atmosphere of the happenings,i somehow watched myself-my own apartment, english translator and freelancer in writing articles,going out on saturday night,.travelling when and with whom i wanted,staying in bed on different free spirit !And i remained the same,because it can be the same and this  is the idea (not only of the article,but also of life).Things can mingle,you can add feelings without cutting the former ones!Specific feminine freedom can make home with marriage situation and by the way  marriage is related to love!And i am not referring to a modern marriage ,meaning together ,but separate!Each of us must or should have his/her own unsuffocated space,to do small,but significant things done before.Unfortunatelly,we  and the society have the tendency to say and  act before and after marriage.I am and i was for marriage to complete myself ,i had everything but something was missing,i wanted a husband for myself,not to put the certificate on the wall,but i recognise i wanted to change my  maiden name and have a wedding ring,i wanted to be the happiest and i did it!We married exactly as in the movie(we were both as Big character,not a complicated wedding)only two of us and it was the marvellous moments when i filled the apllication form and i said yes!So it can be true, life can be as in a movie,i can still be the free spirit with another one!But we both look different the idea of marriage,we have our own couple rules,we can do different things but having the same timing!Timing is referring to attitude,how we manage to avoid complicate situations without ruining everything and maintaining our inner sparkle!I kept my own apartment ,i visit it every week,i left some memories there, i wrote and i study there when i want to be alone with myself,there are moments like this ,but we shouldnt be afraid to say,to feel ,to act,it doesnt imply the absence of the other,but just a small escape,as travelling in another space and time!We need it not because we are already bored,but because we are humans,we born and die physical alone,we are connected by feelings ,not by ropes!Or ,maybe i am just like to have such a situation,to be comfortable,to be a free spirit in a lovely cage(metaphorical one)!

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