sabato 22 febbraio 2014


Smile and life will smile to you because you are the exquisite woman who knows that beauty comes from inside and moreover these are not words in vain,it is the truth that we all admit it to ourselves!No matter of facial,cosmetical treatments,if we are all the time upset,grumbling about the weather,the job,the husband...nothing will work out!Every day is different,be happy,special woman, do not give up of your OWN dreams and think that every failure is just a step closer to success!In the contemporary,chaotic,daily life STOP for a moment and breathe the air,the rain,see the trees,smile and buy yourself flowers(especially yellow or white to bring light in your eyes and soul) which will blossom your day and spirit!Every day or during the weekend ,create your own metaphorical and/or physical spa,spoil yourself by revealing your inner advantages.Try to create special mantras for you,post them where you can easily see them,be a step ahead of everything-people,thoughts,strategies and remember that life worths to be lived no matter the odds!So,focus on yourself,if you are happy ,everybody around you will be!You are the essence of home-and-job universe,the eternal and exquisite Eve who has the power to make things happen!

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